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  • Stephanie Lemmo


When it's time to take a coronavirus news detox for your wellbeing and enjoy the simple things.

This week was a whirlwind. Together, we watched the pandemic ravage around the globe and our freedoms, which we didn't realize how much we took for granted, slowly get restricted hour by hour. Last week seemed like ages ago. Visits to grocery stores with empty shelves, people wearing masks - all such an ironic juxtaposition to our stunning weather, spring blooming in all its glory. As I felt my own fear and anxiety rise over the uncertainty and bombardment of pandemic media, I realized that I needed a coronavirus news detox - immediately. On our daily walks with my kids, a luxury that we are still fortunate to enjoy unlike many of our quarantined fellow humans, friends and family elsewhere in the world, we started our own happiness scavenger hunt. An admiration and appreciation of the simple pleasures in our neighbourhood that make us happy, from the gorgeous cherry blossoms to the extra little things that our caring neighbours do to make us pause and smile. At home, we reflected on the blessings in our lives and compiled our list together. With great thanks to my three perceptive and attentive little collaborators, here is our happiness:


Our happiness is... pristine white fences and freshly cut grass, shiny beads curled on the ground, treasure hoping to be found; neighbours tending to gardens, purple crocuses beside yellow daffodils, while friendly cats say hello; bird baths thirsty for summer water, feeders ready for feasting birds and fairy doors holding secrets; perfectly shaped hedges leading to tall staircases and impressive front doors; hearts everywhere, painted on signs and poles, engraved into trees; gnomes playing hide-and-seek around cast iron bistro chairs posing proudly; brilliant explosions of cherry blossoms framing construction lots of tall ladders, painted houses and works-in-progress; chalk masterpieces on newly paved sidewalks and toys left for the next outside play; a little neighbourhood library, the essence of community, surrounded by brightly coloured mosaic stepping stones; dancing wind chimes and the salty air blowing on our faces; park benches with spectacular views of shipping containers stacked like gigantic LEGO; majestic mountains in the distance and birds singing their sweet songs; children’s rainbow drawings displayed in windows promising us that ‘Everything Will Be Ok’, because it will. #AndraTuttoBene.


May you turn down the noise and reflect on the happiness all around you today. We are all in this together. Happy Sunday, Xo Stephanie

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1 Comment

Mar 23, 2020

Well done Stephanie ❤️

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