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Meet Stephanie

Thirty-something mother of three young children and a dog, novice baker, consignment queen, fundraising professional by-trade, social entrepreneur, over-the-top kid party planner, proud Vancouverite. I started this site on a whim one morning, while my middle child was in preschool, but it was born from a thought I've been percolating for years... so why not?  

As a busy mother-wife-daughter-sister-friend-person living in our rapidly evolving fast-paced world, I find myself wanting to simplify more than ever before. Sundays have become the heart of our week, where life needs to just slow down. For me, and our family, it's a time when I like to have no engagements or commitments, inviting the beauty of spontaneity to direct our day. It wasn't until my eldest daughter took an early morning Sunday art class that I began to understand the importance - and the art - of this special day. From when she was age two (and onwards), I would look forward to our 9 am parent and me class, followed by a casual cafe visit and blissful meander through the jewel of our city, Granville Island. Of course, these simple things became much more complicated, chaotic and expensive as our family grew!


As a mother, I've struggled with taking time to be with myself, to be my own friend again (who does that with children always needing/wanting something from you?!!) and to nurture the voice within me. This space of no expectations is for me. It's a space to carve a few moments that are mine to reflect, write and share my thoughts on our mysterious human experience. This is my Sunday. Thank you for stopping by and whatever your beliefs or traditions, I hope you cherish the heart of your Sunday. xo

A special thank you to my lovely friend Emily (a brilliant artist, art educator and incredibly cool human being) for designing The Heart of Sunday word mark. Nearly four years after its creation and I'm finally finding time to put it to use - lol!

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